Friday, March 13, 2009

More unfinished ...

But first,let me introduce ya'll to my peops: Big bro - Joe - and his youngest - Justin. Justin's 3 and a cutie, so what he needs a haircut, he's adorable! Those big brown eyes just snuggles up to my heart. I have to admit it, I can only take the kiddies in spirts. My lil girl is an old broad named Meme.

OMG, I have way too many projects still on needles. What am I going to do? I also realize I have way too many sets of knitting needles. Oh well. Back to the unfinished buz Misti Alpaca Kimono. Ok I swatched for this puppy with Grace at Rosie's Yarn Cellar, yup you heard me - Grace. Now, she's been gone from Rosie's for about three years now and I had to swatch way before that. Frog time. I'm going to use this for maybe the Box Shawl from Folk Shawls, maybe? Stay tuned.

Now, what in the world is this ...
I remember the yarn, Alpaca I found at Lambs Wool about two years later - I only purchased from Rosie's, Sheep and Wool, and Stitches my first couple years and I spent every Sunday in Rosie's for the first two years of my knitting taking classes - YUP! I think I should have asked to buy stock.

Wow, look what I found - Leda's Dream from Pink Lemon Twist, I actually got it when it was the Mystery Stole. I have the pattern somewhere around here. YUMMMM Zephyr, I have got to get back to this.

Well, I'm exhausted and will blog the rest of the unfinished buz next time. Boy, I had no clue I had all these projects still on needles.

FYI, I now have 419 songs on my iPod which includes podcasts. I'm so excited. I've had my iPod for like 6 years and I'm just learning how to really use it. Amazing! I'm techno slow, but I'm completely hooked on the Knitmoregirls and Under the Tuscan Gun. I think its time I brushed up on my Italian too.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unfinished Projects ...

Wow, I didn't realize I had so many. Some have been long since forgotten. Let's see:
First up, BIRCH - Sharon Miller, I started this is brushed alpaca and I did something wrong and threw it in the basket and its lovely, but I can't rip it out because it knots up and oh its soft as ever, but I swear I have to pluck alpaca outta my eyes for days.

Now here's my cabling scarf that I swear I love, but hate the cable needle, that sucker keeps slipping out of order. I forget which row I'm on, blah blah blah the yarn is Lorna's Worsted Weight, I forget the color. Lovely. I was going to do Melissa Leapman's Reversible Cable Scarf, one day I'll pick it back up. Maybe ...

Here's the Rectangle Shawl from Blue Sky Alpaca and the yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted. I love this yarn. I'm on the 3rd ball. Ok, I keep this one in the bag on the sofa right next to me and pick it up whenever there's a CSI Miami or L&O Criminal Intent marathon on, I love Horatio and Goran.

Now, Lady Eleanor how are you? Noro Sock, loving the brown, green and teal. Pattern is actually boring. I do about two rows and put it back in the bag on the sofa and veg. I get bored. I love seing the color change, but it soon loses its appeal. I hope it blocks bigger than it appears, I used too small a needles and now I'm thinking, should I rip or just have a nice entrelac scarf? Decisions.

Well, enough for today I feel like knitting. Next time more unfinished projects ...

unfinished projects ...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've finished some stuff too ...

1. Commission work. Spider Queen (Hex) from Victorian Lace Today. In Habu Cashmere, 5 balls, size 3 needles. Here she is blocking. This was worth every minute, every second and the forever wait to block. It took me about two months to finally get it blocked. I gave the finished project to its owner with instruction on how to block. She had it for about a month and then gave it back asking me to block. Well, it sat in the bag, wrapped in tissue paper for two months. Then my brother Joe and his lil boy Justin came over and someway, somehow it got pulled and stretched while still in the bag. I got nervous and took it out to find it was snagged in spots. I panicked and blocked. Viola! Perfecto!

2. My co-worker Charmaine asked me to knit a set for her grandson. She was easy to knit for, she picked the colors and said, go for it. This turned out very nice. I was a little nervous because the yarn was thicker than I'm used to (hey, I'm a lace slut remember), so it knit up bigger. Baby Surprise Jacket, booties and hat. In cashmerino, three balls, size 3 needles. I actually got this done in three weeks too. The buttons came from Carlins at 8th & Arch.

3. Jasmine's Jade Ramblin Row and Zimmerman Sweaters (I forget the name of the sweaters pictured, I think it was the June project). Size 3 needles, Koigu solids, multis from Loop, and a bunch of millends from Rosie's Yarn Cellar. I did the blanket first, trimmed everything in the green that I splashed throughout. The remaining yarns finished the sweaters.

Next time, unfinished projects ... way too many, but I don't care I'm gonna blog them all ...

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm still knitting ...

I've finished some projects, for real I did. And as always, I have several still on the needles. I'm a needle hog, I have to start as many projects as I can and then when I'm sick of looking at the needles, I get them done.

Here's my koigu pi. The shawl took me 1 month to knit up. That's right, 30 days; however, that dang border took me 9 to 10 months. I stayed up that final night until 4:30 in the morning, determined to get that thing off the needles. And here's my like #8 top down sweater. I have issues loving the sweaters that I knit, maybe because I'm a shawl slut, or maybe because I see how large the sweater is and I'm like - YIKES is that mine!!! I got this yarn, Wings from Rosie's sale bin about 3 years ago. I've cast on and frogged several times, but this time its actually looking like it will be a good looking, 3/4 sleeved mock turtle neck or maybe a cape? Spring is here really, do I need another sweater? Cape? Poncho?

Friday, March 06, 2009

World News ...

For me and many others in the world today it feels like its been 32 hours in every day ... my jobs talking layoffs! The world is talking layoffs. California, Detroit, Pennsylvania. So many people, no jobs! My heart is breaking.

I'm a legal assistant at a med-sized Center City firm where I've been since 9/11/00. Me and my friends are concerned because hey, times are tough and I keep thinking, I've been working since I was 12, what'll I do with myself. I worked through Jr. and High school, college, only once in my life did I actually quit a job without having something already on the burner - that's a story for another day, I'll probably call that, what the F*&! was I thinking.

Anywho, picture this - My First Job - Al's Deli on 7th & Winton in South Philly. Mr. Al was at least 70 when I was 12, but he kept that store open for what seemed like forever. Oh I still love beef brisket with potato salad on it on pumpernickle bread the way Mr. Al made my sammy. I can smell the fresh cut brisket and bread, just thinking about it. I worked at the Deli part-time after school and summers until I turned 17, then I took a job making lots more money at Dr. Salvatore's Family Medical Practice as, a receptionist on 7th & Snyder. Well, I'll never forget Mr. Al, Mark, Sheeba, Ms. Molly and the Deli.

Back to the story, this particular Saturday afternoon before Easter, around 4:30 I saw a pair of shoes that would change my life forever. I ran home and asked my dad for $7 (that's right, eat your heart out I'm over 40 and shoes did at one point cost $7). My dad shouted, "What do you think I'm made of money?" My heart sank! How dare he, he never told me no. He had the nerve to shout GET A JOB! Well, I hit the door running, straight around the corner (I grew up on 7th & Jackson) and into Mr. Al's Deli shouting I need a JOB! I'll sweep the floors, I'll walk Sheeba (his 100 pound German Sheppard that everyone was afraid of), I'll stock shelves, I need $7 now! He told me to calm down and asked why I needed the money. I told him, I'll work for life for $7 (who knew). I shouted, I have 15 minutes to get back or she'll close and lock my shoes up. He told me to walk Mark to the night box at the bank and then I could have my $7. Well, I shook my head no no no, panting with tears in my eyes, I begged to work for $7, trying to explain I needed the money right that moment. I put my hand over my heart and swore that I'd be back to sweep up and stock the shelves for the "rest of my life" if he gave me the money. He handed me $7 and told Mark to walk me to the store. I ran tugging Mark. I got my shoes! Cream victorian lace up shoe boots to go with my cream Easter Sunday lace dress with matching gloves. I was beautiful, mom put ringlets in my hair and a lacy ribbon! I went back to Mr. Al's and sweep up. I kept my word! Dad always said, my word was my bond and that I had to keep it ...

I had no clue deli's sprinkled sawdust on the floors to make sure nobody slipped. I was sweeping until 6:30 that night and the dust wasn't going anywhere. Mr. Al stopped me, gave me a pint of Half and Half - for my mom, he knew mom loved half and half in her coffee - and had Mark walk me home. I had a grin on my face a mile long that night even if my arms hurt like heck.

Fast forward 3 weeks, my Newfoundland Hound, Sally a 110 pound dog (and I was afraid of Sheeba) ate the tip off one of my shoes (who would have thought), but I got one wear out of em, so I was happy.

Today, I feel like I'm waiting for the bomb to drop. There's a knot in my stomach that won't ease and I think my eyes are gonna pop outta my head.