Thursday, June 05, 2008


I've been MIA from blogland, what can I say, I've been reading instead of knitting (oops). Its that dang border on my hugmongious pi-shawl out of the lovely koigu - Sugar Honey Iced Tea, I still haven't finished that dang border. I know. I'll get back to it, this summer, sometime. I also have to take pictures of the finished knitted projects, but I can't seem to put these books down.

I just just - last night - finished "Color of Law" by Mark Gimenez. There I was in Borders, browsing and this book just fell off the shelf right into my hands (seriously). I turned it over and instantly had a flash to one of my favorites - To Kill a Mockingbird. Mark you did good. It was fresh, fast-paced, and the hero was named "Atticus" - what a man! That golf club would have done me proud too and the lil girls - one named Barbara Boo and the other, Pajamae (Pa shu may). I haven't read a book in two days in a while, not even a Patterson novel. Thanks for the rush.

Next up in my hands will be Adbuction by who else, Mark Gimenez, then The Perk by Mark Gimenez (when it hits the shelves in July I'm on it). But while waiting for The Perk, I'll have to read Sail by Patterson - I just can't get enough of Patterson. And anything with the word "shark" around, draws my eyes in like a hawk. I'm love the ocean - I blame my dad and Ernest Hemmingway! Somewhere down the line, they got me hooked on the sea and its world of creatures. SHARK!!!!!