Friday, September 07, 2007

Wow, summer is over already ...

What a wonderful summer we had here in Philadelphia. Not to hot, not to wet! All in all this was one of our best. Does anyone remember a few years back when we suffered 100+ temps for weeks? HOT! HOT! WAY TO HOT!

Well, I spent the summer nesting. Me and my siblings took a trip down memory lane and WOW wonderfully fond memories. Diving in the pool, running around the tennis courts, basketball, horseback riding, boating .... My big brothers Billy and Joe would escourt me and my baby sister Lanie to the Lakes (a section of Fairmount Park in South Philadelphia) to go boating, play tennis or basketball, horseback riding, and of course, swim (that is everyone except Lanie because she was always afraid of getting wet and she still is - LOL). Every single time we went my parents would arrive later with a big cooler of sandwiches, iced tea or lemonade and these big honeydew melons or cantaloupe. My mom would always say, lets pick a cool spot under a big shady tree and spread the blanket - boy those were good simple times. We'd eat and fall to sleep on the blanket. Good times indeed. And family vacations - oh my goodness, we had a blast. Once we went to AC to see the horse dive from the pier - that was a fond one - crabbing, building sand castles. And we loved it by the lake in Connecticut - visiting my father's family. Or in Houston, with Aunt Betty - oh my goodness, those breakfast buffets Auntie prepared! I miss Houston - my fondest memory was how green everything appeared. I fell in love with Houston, I really think it was the breakfast buffets - waking up to the smell of hot biscuits and bacon - smile! Or driving cross country - dad is a retired truck driver, so he didn't mind long distance driving and boy, how did they manage with four lil children. WOW!

Well, this summer I didn't go to the Lakes - I'm to old for all that activity, but I did do some knitting. Here's pixs of two different versions of Icarus. I have to frog the green Andrea (its too wonky), but I started again in Claudia's Handpainted Silk in the lovely Copper Penny And I started a reversible cable scarf And I managed to find time to got some eye candy

Well, enough about me. Meme is begging to say "Hi!"

She's absolutely adorable, always begging me to take her picture!

Well, I did finish a few things this summer too, but the pixs came out blurry, I'll post them next week.

Enjoy the weekend!