Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Holiday knitting list ...

Each year around May I start on my holiday knitting list. I add some names or cross out some from previous years and start looking for ideas. I have to admit, by November I'm done with holiday knitting. This year I have a newbie to the list.

I still have a job for now (Thank God) and as a token of appreciation and my hard work, I've been assigned a new attorney. YUP, a Senior Associate well on her way to one day (in the next year or two) becoming partner.

Four days after being assigned to her she went on vacation - YIPPEE - Vive La France. She e-mailed me 10x a day, once branding pictures of the Iron tower.

Every day, for 5 wonderful days, I got 20 e-mails with work to be done - did I mention hard working. While I was here, working for my partner and lateral hire, there was a mountain of work to be done for Sr., so I rolled up my sleeves and dove in - the desk was a wreck, her office a maze, her files - where the heck were her files. What was that pile on the floor I nearly skidded across the office on? What was in that mug ... In between the annoying e-mails (if I was with her in Paris I would have thrown her blackberry into the Seine). Here's Musee d'Orsey, evening, viewed from the Seine. I mustered up the strength to clean up, clear out, find, index, purge, re shelf, organize and file, all the while still loving up my partner and lateral. I got Sr.'s old assistant's desk clear, Sr.'s office clean, files organized, books re shelved, etc. by Thursday, 4p. Now if only I could get rid of her blackberry ... . I managed to keep partner appeased, but the lateral must've gotten restless because at one point she tracked me down (oh did I mentioned Sr.'s office is 2 floors away from me ... go figure).

While away, I was wondering about Sr. Should I add her to my holiday gift list of hand mades? All those e-mails, do this, draft that, get, read because I can't see it on my blackberry, e-mail me the contents of this agreement, no that one, go up to my offices and dig through the piles of sugar honey iced tea on my desk and find that agreement and e-mail me the contents ... I was ready to pull her hair out and pick her icy blues off with sharpened paperclips, but Thank you God, I have a job.

Upon returning I was given a trinket box of French chocolates - oh now I feel bad for being annoyed ... but I'm allergic to chocolate, I won't tell yet. I'll keep the box nicely sealed forever. Hey, how was she supposed to know I'm allergic to chocolate - we've only been together for four days. Its not the gift, its the thought, so I will add her to the list of hand knits, but what? I don't think she does shawls, she doesn't look the type. I don't think a hat would do ever, because one snowy cold ass day in January I was on my way to Borders and we exchanged hellos because we recognized each other from the office, no hat, it was freezing out - but I did spy a full length navy blue cashmere coat - LOL! She always in a gray, black or navy blue suit. What to knit ... what to knit ...

So far, there's the ole list of 23 +1 now, not everyone gets hand knits. My baby sis will get a hand knit, my best friend will get a hand knit, my niece and nephew - books.