Monday, July 30, 2007

Celebrity Gazing

Ok, picture this ... (can you tell, I'm a big Golden Girls Sophia fan) Sunday in church (St. Patrick's) after the Priest says, "Mass has ended ..." I make my way to the back of the church and before I get to the steps ... there he stood, who you say, Mr. Mark Wahlberg! That's right - Markie Mark all grown up - and ladies he's absolutely, positively, 100% eye candilicious, with gorgeous on top! He's so polite too, which makes him even more yummy to look at! The man is short though ya'll - LOL! Only about 5'6/5'8 at the most. My head comes up just over his shoulders and I'm 5'3 1/2 (YES MARY, I'M 5'3 1/2 - LOL!). Well, Mark was in my way so I politely said, "excuse me" and he said, get this, "my bad, let me get out of your way" - LOL! YUP! Mr. Cutie Cute spoke nothing like a tough guy - LOL! A thick Bostonian accent lets you know he's definitely from the Boston area. Gorgeous, polite, rich, no wonder his girlfriend didn't let go of his arm the entire time - LOL!

I have to say, seeing and laughing with Mark wasn't as exciting as meeting Danny Glover, because I did a full blown tap dance for Mr. Glover - LOL! Picture this, walking through the Reading Terminal, back when Mr. Glover was in town filming Beloved, and standing at the fruit stand, right next to me, was Mr. Glover. I looked over and smiled and it hit me - that's Mister (from the Color Purple). I said, oooooooooooooo and started dancing - LOL! Then I spoke, "dag Danny, youse dusty!" YUP! I called the man DUSTY with a capital "D" to his face. And then I added, "not only are you dusty, but your sneakers are dirty!" Well, he was dusty and his sneakers were dirty, but did I have to go there - LOL!

Well, that too was fun, but not nearly as fun as when I meant "Julia" that's right every young black girl who grew up in the 60's knows of "Julia" and I got to meet her. I stood within arms reach in John Wanamaker's in November 2000 and she even spoke to me ... get this, "nice outfit" and "you can wear a hat" - was what Ms. Diahann Carroll herself said to me. She is the cutest person.

I've meant countless sports people, but I only knew of Dr. J, Darryl Dawkins and Bobby Jones. I didn't know the guy I sat next to at my doctor's office who played for the Flyer's (later to find out, he was Eric Lindros). He was there to see sports doc, Dr. Manpau (however you spell it). The man was very handsome, but I had no clue as to who he was, I guess that's why he sat down next to me - LOL! He felt safe - LOL! All the other women in the doctors office (including personnell) were swarming around us. YUP! They kept asking for autographs for their sons, husbands, boyfriends, fathers, etc. I was like, WOW! And then there's the Eagles. I got to meet Donovan, and I'm not a fan of his at all after our introduction. He's rude!

And last, but not least was my introduction to Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries. The man captured my heart with his book, "The Source of My Strength." His blue blue blue eyes speak of great worship and love and respect for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I enjoyed meeting the other celebrities, but I adored meeting Dr. Stanley!

There goes my celebrity gazing post!

Oh and the time I went to the Steeler's game with my big brother all so I could see Franco Harris! Well, I never got to meet Franco, but I sure was horse from calling his name ... GO FRANCO GO! Oh how I loved me some Franco - LOL!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wishing and a hoping ...

Check out my wish list. I was blog surfing and stumbled across finished lace shawls from Lace Maven, Lacefreak and Miss Alice Faye and I want:

1) the Shetland Lace 1 Ply Spring Shawl
2) the Princess Shawl
3) the Nesting Shawl
4) the Unst Shawl and
5) the Simply Stunning Collection

All from Heirloom Lace!

Well, I guess I better hunker down and get ready to spend a fortune!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Claudia Handpaints and Koigu

Love is in the air! No, really it is :O) Two of my new favs - Claudia Handpaints and Koigu! In the first pix Claudia's "Chile" and second, the wonderfully delightful Koigu, I'm naming it "Chocombo!" I'm in love I tellya! Love! Love! Love!

What to make, what to make?

And I just have to show my other loves - Anne, Andrea and Zephyr. For those of you who don't know, I'm a Zephyr slut - yup and I'm proud of it too! I have so much zephyr my gran tells me I can open my own store! ZEPHYR!!!!!!!!!!

Well, just had to check in (real fast) and make a posting before the weekend. Have a good weekend everybody!

Next week I'll have pixs of my "Me Ramblin-Rowha" - its just for me - ha! And my Cash Iroha shawlette (I'm constructing this babe with the help of a Victorian Shawlette pattern)! And the latest most up-to-date pixs of my Sampler Shawl (in black zephyr) and the commissioned Hex shawl (from Victorian Lace Today in red cashmere). Oh and I can't forget the newest most adorable pix of my Meme with her latest hot summer hair do! Stay tuned ...