Monday, September 27, 2010

Ida's Gail ...

Its been ages since I've blogged, but I was knitting the entire time, I swear.  As a matter of fact, I finished maybe 10 projects since Dawn, and the one that's worth blogging about ... Ida's birthday shawl ...

Gran won't let me take a picture of her (she hates pictures), but she almost teared up when she saw her birthday shawl and the best thing of it all - I was able to surprise her!  Yup, I got together her best girlfriends (Ms. Ellen - who happened to bring her own tea bags oh mi - they went to elementry school together; Ms. Shirley (they travel the globe together); Ms. Irene (they're churchmates and go back decades); Ms. Mamie (they share grandchildren); Ms. Gertrude; my bff Mary; and my brother - who chauffeured them in his great big ole Lincoln Towncar), a table at the Rittenhouse Hotel (her favorite tea spot), and a Tiffany's birthday cake for Gran's birthday tea.  After everyone arrived and because I can't stand to see a box unopened, I sprung this soft lacy shawl on her - and when she saw it she said "its beige my favorite color" - I knew I had got her. 

Gail wasn't an easy pattern to knit up, Raveler's can read all about it on my Ravelry page Ceme. 

Happy Knitting!!!

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