Sunday, July 12, 2009

HiyaHiya Eunny Jang

I've always loved color work, fingerless gloves and lace, but I've only mastered one, not anymore, I'm about to become a color work, fingerless glove samari. Hiya!

That's right folks, feast your eyes on my newest necessity 9"s of stainless steel circular knitting needles. Lovely! Craig, Loop! Hurry up becuase I'm going back for a second set of these babies. Hey, I've gotta work the pair together.

The reason for this new necessity ... Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. When I saw this one knit up for the shop, I felt the pull to knit in my bones. I went home and swatched on doublepoints, but I wasn't feeling it! I have no love for the doublepoints. But this mitt is weighing heavy on my brain. I found the perfect combo too - grayish blue and light blue - to go with my charcoal grey winter coat. Lovely!

Saturday, July 11. I had things to do, and kept telling myself to get to Loop and get a 40" US 2 needle to make the mitts. No, that cable gets on my nerves more than doublepoints. I played and played with my yarn, I was working well, but what happened, I pulled out the wrong needle and lost an entire side of work - AARRRGGGGGGGGG I put down the mitts and played with my stole. To hell with it!

You can't stop the brain from working ...

Sunday, July 12. I am going to Loop to get the 40", these mitts are taking up every extra portion of my brain. I am miserable! I set off ... I got there and my knitting mom was in the shop - Martha taught me to knit oh my in 2000. Hi mom! What ya working on? We chatted and I told her I had to take a picture of the store mitt to give me inspiration to get my act together. I took the pictures and was working my way over to the needle rack when mom said, have you seen the HiyaHiya needles? No mom, what's that? HiyaHiya are 9" circular knitting needles for things like mitts and socks. Over to the table I proceeded. Oh my, too cute. What said a stranger. I said, HiyaHiya. She replied, Hiyatoyoutoo! I said, no these HiyaHiya needles. I think I found what I need. I said, its a go! Let do it. I'll take sizes 0, 1 and 2. I'm all set.

I ran home, walked the Memester, made dinner, and while I was waiting for True Blood - I Heart Bill Compton! - I cast on just to get myself familiar with the needles. I'm in love! They take a little time to get used to because they are small, but its well after midnight and I wanna knit. I frogged my swatch and started on my own. Earth tones are my favorites, so I grabbed a multi ball of Koigu, Olive/Cream/Brown and a solid Celery and I'm going to town. I had to blog about it before I forgot. I'm having a blast.


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