Monday, July 20, 2009

Fair Isle

My inspiration - Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang Nine years of knitting and I fell madly in love with lace. I tried, socks - Doublepoints. Gloves, OMG 10 fingers of, need I say it, Doublepoints! Bags, I went through a spell - sold 40 Felted Bag. Sweaters - I've got a few. Hats - I've got more than a few. Scarves - whose counting .... Shawls, I have 40+ .... I tried Fair Isle and Intarsia, did pretty well in class. Arans, Cables - I'm ok. Top down sweaters, 2. Why can't I do Fair Isle? Floats way toooooooooooooooo tight. Well, I'm in love now and love makes us MAN UP! Finally, I'm plucking up the balls - I'm gonna make these mitts.

Last Sunday I played with the ribbing on my new HiyaHiya needles. Monday, I'm Fair Isling yall ... I ripped ... Time to practice Endpaper ... Tuesday, I did like the Endpaper Ribbing, but oh well, I'm not crazy about mine. Wednesday, I like Fair Isle! I love HiyaHiya! My floats look pretty! I like ... Thursday, time to start Endpaper in my desired colors, charcoal blue and light blue ... Stevie Wonder couldn't sing it louder, Isn't She Lovely, isn't she wonderful ... Friday, Saturday and Sunday I started the thumb gusset, but True Blood is on ... Lovely!

Happy Knitting! Oh, Meme wants to say something ... Goodnight!

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