Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ok, is this a real dog?

My co-worker sent me this picture of (let's call him Super Champ). Do you think he's real?

Well, my lil girl is a seven year old, 16 pounds of pure lovin, cuddlin, snugglin enjoyment, full bred Shih Tzu. I live to pamper her in all her chunkyness too - LOL! If she could talk she'd tell the WORLD I sing to her (and I call her Whitney Houston when she barks because she croones), I pamper her literally to death, I give her snacks when I'm snacking, but I refuse to give her my food - why you ask, because I don't eat her food, why should she eat mine - LOL!

Meme (a/k/a Archibald Herrington Nasty Face when she plunges her face in water, snow or leaves; Chunky Monkey when she waddles down the street because she's to tired to walk and wants me to pick her up; Snuggle Pup when she throws her lil head on my neck to sleep; and Fat Ass when she annoys the heck outta me during the last walk of the day because she's no guard dog and can't protect us if the crazy people who are out at night decide to act up).

Well, eight years ago I started hearing my biological clock ticking and decided I needed to be needed, so what ... marriage, children (not until marriage ...), what? I did the next best thing, I called my big brother Bill (who bred either Olde English Bull Doggies or American Bull Doggies - smush faced, doggie odor, droolers), but I didn't want one of them and told him I saw this beautiful Neopolitan Mastiff (puppy). His response was, "as long as you don't mind feeding something that can eat you out of house and home." I replied, "never mind." And within a year Meme literally pawed her way into my life and I scooped her up and never looked back. Isn't she adorable. Knitster Chelle gave Meme this pink London Doggie trench for x-mas a few years back.

Anywho, I'm thinking that Neopolitan Mastiff (above), would have eatten me out of house and home and possibly eatten me if he got hungry enough. I hope that picture isn't real because I always dreamed of getting one of those beautiful Neopolitan pups. Oh well ...

Enough for now. Gotta go finish shopping for my Coffee Swap partner. Sock books ...



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